Support Couples & The Couple Survey

Designed to help couples understand one another better and highlight issues they should discuss before getting married.

Support Couples

Being a support couple is a fun and rewarding way for couples within the church to get involved in helping build strong marriages inside and outside of the church. Taking interest in another relationship while providing a model for what a healthy marriage looks like can be significant for those exploring marriage.

Requirements: The only requirements are that you have been married for two years and have completed The Marriage Course yourself.

Responsibilities: Commitment to invite a couple going through The Pre-Marriage Course into your home – offering them hospitality, sharing your own person experiences and facilitating a conversation around the Couple Survey.

Couple Survey

The Couple Survey is an online survey that helps couples highlight issues that are important to discuss before getting married; it also affirms areas of strength in their relationship. It is not a test of compatibility. It takes roughly 1 hour and should be completed individually before attending The Pre-Marriage Course.